Tips On Selecting The Right Type Of Agro Storage Tower

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Storing grains and other essential agro products in the right manner is very important in order to maintain freshness and safeguard it from perishing. These perishable products if not stored wisely would result in a huge losses that would have to be borne by the farmer. An agro storage tower is the most common instrument that is used to store these harvests and by-products. However depending on your needs, you are required to choose a suitable type to be used. Here are a couple of such differed types and how you could choose the right one to suit your needs;

Vertical ones

This is a common form of storage tower that stands tall reaching towards the sky. Hence it does not accumulate much ground space, making it more than suitable for small farms to store their products in most common type of material that is used to build and inner coat this tower are, stainless steel and concrete. However when choosing the best material type you may have to consider the requirement suitable for the farm and the weather conditions of the farm. Unlike in an underground tower built in the form of bunkers, you may not need an inflatable duct plug to be used when it comes to tunnel care and building. It is generally used in storing products that are moist, granulated and crushed stuff in their natural form or by-product and also abrasives like cement as well.

Open top storage tower

This is a type of vertical storage tower. And as the name suggests it has an open top and an easily removable cover is generally whenever necessary. It is used made from concrete and stores products that are weather resistant and those that need a constant exposure to natural air. Depending on the type of products you require to store this tower could be easily built.

Horizontal ones

These are types of storage units built within the ground or on the ground level and does not stand tall like the vertical ones. These generally are perfect for smaller or medium capacity storing. It is safe from exposure to direct heat and is built in a manner that includes components like lump breakers, warm gear etc.


This is a type of horizontal storage unit that is above the usual grade line. It has concrete walls surrounding the sides and tractors generally help in the filling and dropping process. Here bunker silo covers for sale are used to protect the stored material.Consider the overall requirements of the farm and then choose the best type to suit your storing needs.

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