The Creation Of Vertical Spaces

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Mankind’s urge to surpass their boundaries and go bigger has always been a constant throughout the times. With the general population reaching new heights with every passing day, it is a consistent struggle for the world to find a way to accommodate such a growing number of people. With greater awareness about the problems of deforestation, there is a strong and steadily growing resistance against cutting down trees and destroying environmental habitats and this restricts the chances of constructing buildings horizontally.

Since the beginning of times, large buildings and structures were used to show off a person’s wealth or power. In certain countries and cultures they have been used to honor leaders or as a sign of respect to their religious beliefs. This point brings into mind iconic and historical buildings such as the Giza Pyramids located in Egypt, the magnificent churches in France among many other sites. All of the aforementioned buildings use a whole different architectural style, but the link between all of them is the fact that masonry was used to build all of them. The downside of using large stone walls was that the stone walls vastly increased the overall weight of the building with commercial window cleaning Sydney This lead to being the limiting factor of the height of a building.

With the increasing demand more housing, people started to focus their efforts into discovering a feasible solution to this problem. Late into the nineteenth century, two major advancements helped make great strides towards making the dreams of tall vertical structures a reality.

One of those advancements was the discovery of a construction technique that was strong enough to tolerate the high stresses and forces that would act on the structure. This discovery in Chicago leads to the world’s first skyscraper being built. From this point onwards as there was no looking back with multiple countries vying for the world’s tallest tower. Nowadays materials like glass are used for the purpose of being a durable outdoor shield. This glass needs regular cleaning to ensure that the building looks pristine. There are many window cleaners that do high rise window cleaning as a solution to this issue.

The second breakthrough that helped skyscrapers grow in popularity was the invention of the elevator. All though elevators had been in existence for a while, they were all unsafe and prone to abrupt failures resulting in serious injury or even death. The invention of a fool proof and secure braking system heralded the modern day elevator. This made it easier to access the higher floors and made using high rise apartments a breeze.


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