Keeping Your Walls Clean

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For some odd reason the walls in most houses seem to be one of the main targets of dirt and grime. If you have young ones, then the wall also becomes a canvass with a multitude of masterpieces. But then, we cannot live in a pigsty and sadly all the artwork must go. Though that is normally easier said than done. However, here are some tips from mothers who have all been through the pain of keeping a house clean while little terrors roamed the rooms and plagued the walls.

Nothing says childhood memories like pen markings on the wall. When you have toddlers, it is cute but after a while, it becomes embarrassing to host a dinner party midst you little’s take on a sheep. In addition, the worst part is sometimes soap alone will not work but here is used and proven method to taking care of the little problem. Take some toothpaste and apply it to the painting. Leave it for 10 minutes and they wipe it off with a wet rag. 

Happy memories always have a way of leaving a mark. Sometimes it literally does that and in most houses, the stairwell seemed to be one the worst spots. Finger marks galore on the walls and no matterhow much you scrub, it will not come off. Next time though, simply add some eucalyptus oil to a cotton ball and dab at the spot until all is clear.

Wherever there are doors, the wall behind the door seemed to be a site of dents. Sadly, there is no remedy for this other than plastering trowels NZ that the wall but there are some preventative measure you can take. Simply use a form of door and wall protection and hopefully this will be able to save your walls for a little longer.

If door and wall protection is not your issue and markers are, then we have a solution for you. Washing liquid and warm water is always a good choice for most marks but the thing is it is quite a cumbersome affair and tendsto make a mess. However, another alternative is to take a swab of cotton and some rubbing alcohol and dab at the mark until it vanishes.

For general mark and dirt as I said before, washing liquid and warm water is a common remedy. Nevertheless, the next time try filling a spray bottle with lavender oil and spry it over the problem area. Then take pantyhose and wipe away the solution. Most of these methods may seem unorthodox but they are the results of trial and error. After all, if they have been proven and tested, who are we to judge?

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