Choose The Correct Compressed Air System Wisely

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Air compressors have extensive usability in industrial grounds. Though the compressed air is more costly while calculated on a per unit energy delivery basis it is widely used as the fourth most important element following electricity, natural gas and water. This air compressor transfers mechanical power into potential air power energy. Thus, the air power is stored within the air compressor pipes and the compressor forges ahead more air deep into the air compressor pipes, and extends this pressure until the compacted air distribution reaches the highest point. But above all, choosing the exact variety for compressed air pipe fittings and dimension of compressed air pipe from the very beginning is vital as the proper decision can prevent lots of future problems.

Picking up the perfect air compressor pipe system depends on several issues like –– firstly, it depends on the compressor specification like its capacity. Secondly, it depends on the distance between the compressor and the equipment. Simply for the nearer location smaller pipes are required and the opposite in case of longer distance. Thirdly, there are a few special requirements considering the materials used in the purpose. To make it easy, suppose there is water or water vapour in the air (in many industrial works water may be present) several particular types of piping systems including plain steel piping can’t be used as it is prone to get rust. On the other hand, if your air contains oil, a few types of plastic or polymer piping can’t be installed. So, it is important to know the purpose, requirements and after all own compressor very well, very detailed.

The highly suggested is aluminum compressed air systems due to its very specific benefits. It includes push-to-connect technology for compressed air piping which makes it easy to install. Besides this piping system is inexpensive, least corroding and requires lower maintenance for aluminum compressed air systems and there are least chance of leakage and other quality issues as well.

Different Pipe Materials

Conventionally, compressed air pipes were made of plain steel. But at present time, there are different varieties of steel and non-steel types of piping are available in the market and these are growing in trend. In the steel pipe category there are plain steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel pipes along with black iron and copper pipes which are also very common in use. Nowadays, there is a whole range of plastic compressor pipe systems available with their distinct features. As understood, the steel compressor pipe systems are heavier and also quite expensive compared to plastic pipes. But they are stronger and safer on the other hand. Again the plastic pipes are lightweight which makes installation easier and cheaper at the other end.

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